We use only saltwater-resistant aluminum to build our boats, making them not only much more durable and lighter than GRP boats, but also fully recyclable at the end of their life.

Distinctive styling

ALLURE 20 with its external and internal appearance retains its character. A stylized modern console with a finish guarantee an unprecedented design and comfortable placement.


The ALLURE motor boat project is the answer of the Perla Yacht Group shipyard for the constantly growing demands of motorboats on the entire world in the open-deck boat segment


We pay close attention to every detail, from elegance to durability. Assuring that your onboard experience is relaxing and timeless.

Perla Yacht

allure 20 sportboat

Lenght over all – 6.05m

Width - 2.30 m

Fuel Tank - 90l

Construction – aluminiowa

Maximum motorisation- 135 PS/99.3 kW

Weight (without motor): 960 kg

Draft (raised draught)- 0,35m

CE Category - C

Max. number of people - 8

Alure 20

allure 20 sportboat

A minimalist and at the same time modern aluminum line structure with a wooden finish guarantee unprecedented appearance and environmentally friendly.

Alure 20

allure 20 sportboat

With a beautifully centered console and open space, our Allure 20 series boats are ideal for leisure, friends and family outings.