Perla Yacht

Perla Yacht Group shipyard announces a new, green era in yachting.

Why Perla?


Our boats are made from the highest grade marine aluminum, ensuring extraordinary durability against atmospheric conditions and mechanical damage. Thanks to our many years of experience in welding, the quality of our vessels has gained recognition in many markets.


We are a young shipyard that pays attention to every detail and produces each unit specifically for you. Configure your boat according to your needs and dreams.


Our extensive experience in e-technology means that we can help you configure the boat for you with either a classic engine or an electric or hybrid drive, depending on your preferences.


Our units are equipped with luxurious interiors and top-class components so you can enjoy the comfort of relaxation on the water.


We invite you to explore our offer of luxury yachts.
E-Vision 42
The catamaran PERLA E-VISION captivates with its modern design, combining elegance with advanced technology, reflecting its visionary approach to sailing.
Allure 20 
ALLURE 20, with its external and internal appearance, emphasizes its predatory nature.
Allure 20 Sport
A sporty aluminum motorboat with a length of 950 cm.
Citizen 28
A sporty aluminum motorboat with a length of 950 cm.

Interested in our Yacht?

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