Citizen 28

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Own Weight: 2800 kg
Maximum Engine: 59 PS/44 kW
Hull: Aluminium
Structure: Aluminium
Exterior Cladding: Aluminium
Number of Pessangers: 12
Draft: 0,3m
Design Category: D

Citizen 28

Citizen to elektryczny tramwaj wodny na konstrukcji aluminiowej. W połączeniu z panelami fotowoltaicznymi oraz magazynem energii jest bezemisyjnym miejskim środkiem transportu. Odpowiada na potrzeby miast poszukujących rozwiązań na ekologiczne sposoby podróżowania swoich obywateli oraz wpisuje się w pełni w wizję pływania w Perla Yacht Group.

The Citizen 28 water tram, made of high-grade aluminum, is extremely resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage, and is also easy to maintain. It is the optimal solution providing the solid and extraordinary durability needed for public use vessels. Its simple yet immensely aesthetic construction, customizable to individual needs, ensures that the Citizen 28 will seamlessly integrate into the industrial space of your city.


The Citizen 28 with electric engines is an ideal solution for promoting eco-friendly public water transport. By using sources of clean energy, reducing emissions, and offering passengers unique and enjoyable experiences, it can play a significant role in reducing the impact of public transport systems on the environment in your city. The main advantage of our vessels is their minimal environmental impact. Unlike traditional boats powered by diesel engines, electric engines do not produce direct emissions, thus reducing air and water pollution. Transitioning to cleaner energy sources is crucial in the fight against climate change and in improving overall air quality in urban areas. Providing an alternative mode of transport in the city, our water tram will help reduce car traffic in cities with waterfronts or waterways, ultimately decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and the stress associated with traffic jams.


Electric engines emit noise at a significantly lower intensity than their internal combustion counterparts, contributing to a quieter and more pleasant urban environment. This benefits both passengers and communities along the tram routes. The presence of water trams can encourage sustainable development of urban areas around waterways, promoting walking, cycling, and reducing car usage. Combined with integration with other means of transport such as trams and trains, it creates a seamless and convenient network that encourages the use of public transport.

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