Overall Length:

11,50 m

Overall Width:

4 m


3,6 m



Own weight: 13 tons
Outboard motor: 2 x 6 kW
Hull: aluminum
Structure: aluminum
External cladding: aluminum
Sleeping spots: 2 to 6
Living area: 30 m2
Total area including terraces: 42 m2
Design category: D

Discover the ultimate blend of innovation and luxury with our state-of-the-art aluminum houseboats, the perfect choice for your own indulgence or for guests at your hotel. To fully enjoy life on the water, we have designed our catamaran with the highest quality in mind for your comfort.

The Perla E-vision features a large bed with a comfortable mattress in the bedroom, oriented towards the glazed aft section, allowing the sunrise to be your natural alarm clock. In the living area and on the bow terrace, modern sofas and armchairs provide daily relaxation. A 65-inch television is available in the lounge, automatically lowered from the ceiling. All furniture is equipped with top-class accessories featuring automatic and electrical mechanisms for user comfort. The helmsman's seat, designed for two, with automatic height adjustment ensures comfort while steering.


Our houseboats, made of high-grade marine aluminum, are not only extremely durable but also environmentally friendly. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage, as well as easy to maintain, ensuring that your investment stands the test of time. Our 25-year warranty on the boat's structure confirms its durability.

Houseboats have long been associated with tranquility, offering a unique way to enjoy life on the water. Our boats, equipped with electric motors, open up new horizons for you, offering a range of financial benefits, but also for your environment. With growing environmental awareness, more travelers are looking for eco-friendly vacation options. Houseboats equipped with electric engines and photovoltaic panels significantly reduce emissions and their carbon footprint.
Electric engines are known for their quiet operation, providing houseboat passengers with a peaceful and serene experience. This tranquility can make leisure time more enjoyable than you thought.

Hotel on the Water

Unmatched personalization: our aluminum houseboats are fully customizable, allowing you to adjust each unit to your specific vision and needs. From interior layouts and room configurations to exterior designs and amenities, the possibilities we offer are limitless. Create an ambiance that matches your clients' expectations and watch as your marina hotel becomes a favorite travel destination.

Our houseboats naturally fit into the marina hotel concept, providing an innovative and exciting alternative to traditional accommodation. Guests can wake up to serene views of the waterfront, and your marina will become an attractive and memorable place. You can also integrate the houseboats into the overall hotel project, creating a seamless and engaging experience for guests. Our units can be equipped with all the luxuries your guests desire, from high-end furniture and fittings to modern conveniences such as Wi-Fi and entertainment systems. We will design spacious bedrooms and fully equipped kitchens to ensure your guests feel at home while enjoying the tranquil beauty of the water.

Environmentally friendly and powered by electric engines, our houseboats will become a strong marketing point for your hotel, as travelers increasingly seek sustainable options. This aspect will attract environmentally conscious tenants, justify higher accommodation rates, and improve your return on investment.
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